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Isometric Buildings and Architecture

A crisp collection of buildings communicates a positive message about business, progress, and modern urban life. Citiscapes and icons include tiny cars and other details, along with clean and forward-looking structures. The most recent series (at top) maintains a consistent scale, light source and color palette.

Royalty-free files include high-quality JPEGs, as well as vector EPS files that can be exported to SVG or PDF. Use them in infographics, publications, print, or web.

Isometric City

Isometric City

An intensely detailed isometric city includes residential neighborhoods, a commercial zone, industry, a sports stadium, parks, museums, a power plant, and a railway terminal.

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Isometric buildings under demolition and construction

Demolition and construction

A lot can be seen in five phases in this illustration: a derelict building; the demolition; the pouring of the concrete foundation; construction of a modern glass tower; and the completed tower in use.

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Isometric Houses

Isometric house icons

Twenty isometric houses are illustrated in various styles, common to many American towns. Details include porches, cars, driveways, trees and shrubs.

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Isometric shops and businesses

Shops and retail buildings

A series of isometric retail buildings include shops, restaurants, bank, service station, auto dealership, movie theater, and strip mall.

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Isometric transportation structures

Isometric Transportation Structures

Transportation structures include a cable-stayed bridge with traffic, a passenger train terminal, a bus station, heliport, ferry terminal, tunnel entrance, small bridge, and a bus stop and taxi stand.

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Isometric trees and shrubs

Isometric trees and shrubs

A collection of trees and shrubs, perhaps from the early spring, to complement your isometric maps and architectural renderings. Trees have partial transparency when vector versions are used.

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Isometric office buildings

Office building illustrations

Illustrations of isometric office buildings include a highrise with wind turbines, a converted loft with green roof, modern offices with solar panels, and a pre-war building in the art deco style.

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Isometric parking lots

Illustrated parking facilities

Illustrated parking lots, garages, rooftop parking and pay parking include plenty of little cars in the contemporary style, and include a few spots for electric cars to plug in.

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Isometric industrial buildings

Isometric factories and industry

Industrial buildings in this illustration series include a power plant, warehouses, distribution centers, processing plants, factory buildings, and industrial tanks.

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Isometric apartment buildings

Multi family residences

Illustrated apartment buildings include a detailed luxury highrise with swimming pool on roof, lowrise flats, rows of town homes, and a duplex, representing a variety of architectural styles.

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Isometric civic and community buildings

Community, civic and government buildings

A collection of community, government and civic buildings includes an opera house, school building, firehouse, police station, library or post office, museum, hospital, and a town hall or university building.

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Isometric Parks

Parks and sports fields

Nine isometric parks include detailed vector illustrations of a playground, large city park, picnic area, a plaza with a farmer's market and food trucks, and sports fields for playing tennis, basketball, soccer, football, baseball and track.

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Solar panel house icons

Isometric solar houses

A set of isometric houses with solar panels on the rooftops. Vector illustration includes nine homes.

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Isometric football soccer stadium

Vector football/soccer stadium

A modern oval-shaped football (soccer) stadium includes detailed seating, trees, and a contemporary feel.

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Isometric American football stadium

American football stadium illustration

An American football stadium matches the scale, lighting and isometric orientation of the rest of this series.

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Isometric vehicle icons

Car and truck icons

This vehicle icon set in isometric view includes the front view and many rear views of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Icons are compatible with many of the buildings illustrated in this series.

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